About Best in Biz Awards

Since 2011, Best in Biz Awards has been the only business awards program judged by an independent panel of press and analysts from top-tier publications.

From Associated Press to the Wall Street Journal – and including Businessweek, CNET, Consumer Affairs, Fast Company, Financial Times, Inc., Forbes, Fortune, Network World, PC Magazine, Reuters, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Wired and more – Best in Biz Awards each year is judged by a who’s who of prominent reporters and editors from top-tier publications. Previous judges in the International program, specifically, have come from more than 20 countries and all continents and publications such as Australian, Business Insider, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, Irish Independent, PC Format and Vancouver Sun.

From Aflac to YMCA, past winners in Best in Biz Awards span the spectrum, from up-and-coming businesses innovating in the marketplace, to blue-chip companies that form the bedrock of the world economy. Other notable winners over the years have included: 1-800-Flowers, Boyd Gaming, Citrix, Dell, Dyson, Eastman, Epson, Experian, Hilton, HP, LifeLock, Microsoft, National Association of Realtors, Safelite, Sandisk, Santander Bank, StubHub, Symantec, UnitedHealthcare, and more. Winners in the International program, specifically, have hailed from more than 30 countries and included well-recognized brands such as BlackBerry, Citrix, Dell, DHL, Epson, Hormel Foods, Lenovo, O.C. Tanner, Procter & Gamble, Royal Bank of Scotland, Toshiba, Vonage and more.

Best in Biz Awards is held annually in two separate, geography based programs: (1) a North American program, covering the U.S. and Canada; and (2) an International program, open to all companies anywhere in the world.

What sets Best in Biz Awards apart?

Best in Biz Awards is unique as it is the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. Each year, Best in Biz Awards assembles a top-notch judging panel to review and score all awards submissions. Having researched and covered countless successful companies, products, and dynamic business personalities, the judges are well positioned to objectively evaluate the entry pool to determine the top submissions. However, what truly sets Best in Biz Awards apart, is that instead of being members of one editorial team of one particular publication, our judges hail from a wide variety of top-tier publications. We believe that this way, the panel is more independent and the scores and eventual results more objective.

Why was Best in Biz Awards founded?

Among numerous business awards programs, we felt something was missing. Sure, there are prestigious awards judged by business professionals – but are you and I really the best to judge companies? Sure, there are prestigious programs judged by reporters – but they always hail from a single publication only. What we felt was missing was a program that combined the unique expertise of the press – but collected that expertise from across a wide variety of top-tier publications. That unique objectivity of the press, combined with the wide variety of publications, seniority levels, industries, specialties, etc., gives Best in Biz Awards its unique edge.

How is Best in Biz Awards independent?

Best in Biz Awards takes the inherent objectivity and impartiality of our press judges one step further and does not accept any outside sponsorship or advertising.