Select quotations from the Best in Biz Awards 2017 International judging panel

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Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain)

“I love seeing how, every year, the set of participants is different but the best entries always pivot around the same mantra: solving problems,” said Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain). “While I admit that my expectations, after having judged prior Best in Biz Awards, were already high, after a thorough revision of this year’s entries I remain in awe. There is still lot to offer, and the candidates in Best in Biz Awards show it year after year. I am already looking forward to the next edition!”


Mathew Schwartz, Data Breach Today (United Kingdom)

“More than twenty years after the internet became a must-have tool and medium for businesses, it’s fascinating to see how leading firms, as encapsulated by this strong crop of Best in Biz Awards contenders, demonstrate how far we’ve come,” said Mathew Schwartz, judging his fourth Best in Biz Awards competition. “I was especially struck by how strong the cloud computing segment continues to be — not just apps but also infrastructure — and how even with the best technology in the world, user interface design and the user experience remains so crucial.”


Kevin Pocock, freelance (United Kingdom)

“It was trickier than I imagined to judge the SMB Product of the Year category in Best in Biz Awards 2017 International,” said Kevin Pocock, judging his second competition. “Both technical ingenuity and strong design were in good supply, and it was heartening to find a variety of solutions for SMBs so focused on solving known SMB issues.”


Manjula Ramakrishnan, freelance editor (United Arab Emirates)

“It was very inspiring reading about the achievements of the various executives and selecting the best from such a high-achieving group was indeed a tall order,” said Manjula Ramakrishnan, having judged numerous Best in Biz Awards International programs in the past. “The diverse fields that they excelled in lent substance to the fact that opportunities lie in every sphere of life. Another fact that became amply evident from the entries was how use of contemporary technology to achieve excellence has become the norm. I wish all of them greater success and more avenues to chase their corporate dreams.”


Didi Cardoso, Gamers Intuition (United States)

“It is always an honor and a pleasure to be asked to judge one of the categories in Best in Biz Awards International,” said Didi Cardoso, editor-in-chief of Gamers Intuition. “In my fourth year participating as a judge, this was the most challenging decision yet. All the nominees for Executive of the Year had equally impressive and innovative ideas, and they certainly didn’t make my task any easier.”


Martina Devlin, Irish Independent (Ireland)

“I thought the calibre of entries in Best in Biz Awards 2017 International was even higher than in previous years – the entrants intrinsically were more impressive companies,” said Martina Devlin, Irish Independent, having judged numerous awards programs in the past.


Douglas Imaralu, Ventures Africa (Nigeria)

“Judging Best in Biz Awards International is always a profound experience – you get to read about great companies and the services and products they provide to help individuals and organizations make the right decisions in life and business,” said Douglas Imaralu, judging his fourth Best in Biz Awards. “This year, all the companies were great and I’d like to say there are no losers.”


Himanshu Gupta, TechHim (India)

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