Select quotations from the Best in Biz Awards 2016 International judging panel

Please keep in mind that quotes are still being received and this page is being regularly updated.


Dominique Ziesemer, ARD (Germany)

“I like the kind of thinking exhibited in the Product category entries,” said Dominique Ziesemer, ARD. “Companies taking the next step to the future: getting better, not staying with what someone thinks is already perfect, ultimately thinking of making life or work better for the people using their products. That’s why I like to judge in Best in Biz Awards – it’s a short view into the future.”


Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain)

“Just as prior years, novel companies keep insisting on solving problems we did not even consider had a better solution than classic ones,” said Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy, judging his third Best in Biz Awards International competition. “We need to stop relying on the comfortable “that’s the way it is” and insist on the disruptive way of thinking these bright minds present. We face problems everyday and we can act to solve them efficiently. The participants in the Most Innovative Company of the Year category prove it year after year.”


Manjula Ramakrishnan, freelance editor (United Arab Emirates)

“Judging and selecting the best entries for Best in Biz Awards International is a task that always fills me with awe, for the sheer entrepreneurship and innovation that companies exhibit each year,” said Manjula Ramakrishnan, editor and journalist working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, having served as a judge in the EMEA and International editions since 2012. “With price of oil in a free fall, with fluctuating commodities prices, the uncertainties and challenges faced by businesses globally have been very many. To overcome these and to have a distinctive edge calls for a lot of determination, coupled with a passion for their industry and jobs. It is great work that the Best in Biz Awards is doing in initiating such awards as recognition for some amazing work done by these companies. As always, I feel honoured to have been a part of this process.”


Didi Cardoso, Gamer’s Intuition (United States)

“As a third time judge, I can honestly say that the quality and diversity of the participating companies continues to surprise me,” said Didi Cardoso, editor in chief at Gamer’s Intuition. “While choosing a winner is always a pleasant but never easy task, it all comes down to evaluating functionality and originality. I’m looking forward to return and seeing what innovative products and services will stand out next year.”


Zvi Wrobel, HTmobile (Israel)

“I was pleased to be asked for the third time to judge in Best in Biz Awards 2016 International,” said Zvi Wrobel, HTmobile. “I continue to be amazed by the quality of the entries, with all companies offering very impressive advances in technology. It was difficult selecting a winner.”


Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates (Canada)

“Judging for the Executive of the Year category is quite different from evaluating a company’s overall performance, as you need to carefully consider personal intangibles such as leadership and vision,” said Jon Arnold, principal analyst with J Arnold & Associates, returning to judge his fourth Best in Biz Awards program. “Another challenge is that the candidates came from a wide variety of industries, with each executive facing a distinct set of competitive factors. All of these executives have been successful with their companies, but by evaluating how well their leadership translated into business-level results, I was able to rank order their standing for this category.”


Cat Ellis, PC Format (United Kingdom)

“It was both an honour and a challenge to judge the Best New Version category, with a diverse range of products all demonstrating innovative development over the last year,” said Cat Ellis, managing editor at PC Format, judging her fifth Best in Biz Awards competition. “Many of the entries were connected by a theme of empowerment – using new technology to remove barriers between managers and data, customers and salespeople. These new versions have the potential to improve the experience of businesses worldwide by giving non-technical people a toolkit that enables them to make better decisions and connect with consumers.”


Sharon Bennett, Small Business IT (Canada)

“Judging Best in Biz Awards is an incredible experience, year after year,” said Sharon Bennett of Bennett Business Connections and Small Business IT (Canada), returning to judge her fourth Best in Biz Awards competition. “The process of assigning a Gold, Silver, and Bronze was very difficult. It’s amazing to see how technology is enabling companies to innovate and push the boundaries. I can not wait to see next years entries.”

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