Select quotations from the Best in Biz Awards 2015 International judging panel



Barrie Pepper, BBC Radio (United Kingdom)

“Judging Best in Biz Awards is a real pleasure, year after year,” said Barrie Pepper, BBC Radio (United Kingdom), judging his third Best in Biz Awards competition. “How often do we get to say out loud and even more often just think to ourselves: “This looks like a good place to work.” Most of this year’s Best Place to Work entries fell into that category. These are some really great workplaces and some very lucky folk working in them.”


Sharon Bennett, Bennett Business Connections (Canada)

“Having returned as a third time judge, I continue to be amazed with the innovation that companies are achieving. Each year, the competition has been fierce, and narrowing down the choices has been a challenge,” said Sharon Bennett, Bennett Business Connections (Canada). “In the end, it comes down to the originality of the company and the problems they solve. I congratulate all the entrants for their willingness to share their achievements and I imagine they will all succeed in their sectors.”


Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain)

“As a second year judge, I am still amazed by the quality of the entries,” said Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain). “The innovation observed in these awards is not a coincidence, but an intrinsic property of the companies. The new IT developments are helping to reduce the existing gap between the traditional company and the modern one.”


Eric Alper, CTV (Canada)

“Successes in business don’t just happen. You create them by having great people with ideas and a plan, who take risks because they have to for the good of their respective industry, and for their stakeholders, whether the shareholders or the customers. I’m sure each of these companies have stories about their failures – every company does – but the ability to reach the heights each of them have attained should be applauded, and I can think of no better way than with this Best in Biz Awards recognition,” said Eric Alper, CTV (Canada), returning to judge his third Best in Biz Awards competition.


Manjula Ramakrishnan, IAA Magazine (United Arab Emirates)

“Service reaches a new level as was evident when judging the `Small or Medium Business Service of the Year’ category in this year’s Best in Biz Awards International. The sheer variety of solutions being offered augurs well for the years ahead, holding the promise of technology making life qualitatively superior going forward. The service and solutions industry is always a competitive area, even more so when in the small and medium business market, and it is constant innovation that will give companies that distinctive edge,” said Manjula Ramakrishnan, editor of IAA Magazine (United Arab Emirates), judging her sixth Best in Biz Awards program. “Each entry and each organization being better than the other, made the task of judging this year’s Best in Biz Awards International challenging, while also proving to be a huge learning experience, demonstrating what is on offer `out there’.”


Martina Devlin, Irish Independent (Ireland)

“There were a number of stand-out entries in the category I judged – the Most Customer Friendly Company of the Year. I was looking for a company which I felt offered a unique product carefully tailored towards meeting the needs of its customer base,” said Martina Devlin, Irish Independent, returning to judge her sixth Best in Biz Awards program. “I’d have been happy to find just one such entrant; in fact, there were three excellent alternatives from which to select my top three. Any one of them would have made a worthy winner.”


Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates (Canada)

“I was pleased to be asked back to judge again in 2015, especially for a category I’m most familiar with – mid-sized companies,” said Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates (Canada). “What struck me was how most entries were in two categories I identify strongly with – wellness and communications technologies. For consumers, maintaining healthy lifestyles is a big trend and a great business opportunity. In the technology arena, cloud communications and e-commerce are major game-changers, and the entries I reviewed were right on the mark.”


Douglas Imaralu, Ventures Africa (Nigeria)

“Scoring companies vying for the top spot in Best in Biz International 2015 was quite difficult as all entries were competitive and the level of innovation and impact of products and services was quite impressive,” said Douglas Imaralu, Ventures Africa, returning to judge his third Best in Biz Awards program. “In fact, there is a thin line between the companies that eventually come out on top and the others – that’s how competitive this year’s entries were.”

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