Select quotations from the Best in Biz Awards 2014 International judging panel



Damon Kitney, The Australian (Australia)

“The quality of entries in Best in Biz Awards 2014 International was very high in sectors that are critical to the future of the economy,” said Damon Kitney, business editor at The Australian, who returned to the Best in Biz Awards International panel for the second time. “In the end, my choice came down to which business will have the most transformative impact, and it was hard to split them because they all are doing this in different ways.”


Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain)

“I have really enjoyed learning about how new companies make an innovative effort with refreshing approaches to business,” said Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra, Computer Hoy (Spain). “There seems to be an increasingly attractive trend in bridging offline and online grounds all together. I was thrilled to discover how all the hot stuff in the tech world is being back-ported to the real world to help solve long existing situations that no one thought could be further improved.”


Manjula Ramakrishnan, editor (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

“Under the category ‘Executive of the Year’ in Best in Biz Awards 2014 International, it was inspiring reading about the good work done by several CEO’s and top executives,” said Manjula Ramakrishnan, editor and journalist (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), who has judged several EMEA competitions in the past. “Their work was all the more laudable, for it was not just about the upward spiral of the company, or making the bottom line look good; it also included Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and involving the organization in meaningful community activities. In addition, it was amply evident that employee empowerment was of paramount importance, which again brought into honed focus the commendable business philosophy adopted by the leaders who are at the helm of company affairs.”


Michael Berman, Huffington Post (United States)

“This is my fourth year as a judge – twice for the North American awards and twice for International – and I continue to be amazed by how diverse and inventive companies competing for the Best in Biz Awards can be,” said Michael Berman, Huffington Post. “Each year, I look for traits that make one company stand apart from its competitors and every year it becomes more difficult to declare a “winner.” Hopefully this is a trend that will continue for many years to come.”


Martina Devlin, Irish Independent (Ireland)

“A number of the entries in the ‘Best Place to Work’ category would have made worthy winners because the human needs of their staff seemed to be of genuine importance to the employers,” said Martina Devlin, an award-winning journalist at the Irish Independent (Ireland), who has judged several Best in Biz Awards EMEA competitions in the past. “That’s worth celebrating – after all, many people spend more time in the workplace than with those they love. I was struck by how people-centric some of the companies were: they cared about their team’s work environment, realising that fun and friendship matter as well as productivity.”


Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates (Canada)

“Having returned as a second-time judge, I’m impressed with the variety of entries Best in Biz Awards has attracted. These companies cover a wide spectrum of both markets and technologies, making this truly a horizontal competition where the focus is on business-level results,” said Jon Arnold, J Arnold & Associates (Canada). “Every entry tells a different story, where I learn something new each time. This means that whether you’re a startup or an established player, these awards gives you a fair chance to earn objective recognition that can help take your business to the next level.”


Jim Bray, (Canada)

“This year’s entries were an interesting and diverse lot, from software manufacturers to couriers, and that made voting more interesting and challenging,” said Jim Bray, publisher of (Canada). “All entries had compelling reasons to vote for them, and because of the variety of companies it was difficult judging a winner. But we did it, and I’d like to congratulate all entrants for tossing their corporate hats into the ring.”


Douglas Imaralu, Ventures Africa (Nigeria)

“I was really impressed with the quality of entries in Best in Biz Awards International this year,” said Douglas Imaralu, online editor at Ventures Africa (Nigeria), who returned to the Best in Biz Awards International judging panel for the second time. “We had innovative companies offering cutting edge products and services and vying for scores – which were quite difficult to award owing to the high caliber of competition. Overall, the bar was raised, but this year’s winners will have to continue to step up the pace as others are quite close.”


Preethi Chamikutty, (India)

“The variety of entries in the ‘Best Place To Work’ category was very interesting and I loved their diversity – from startups to well-entrenched brands like DHL competing for the top honor,” said Preethi Chamikutty, executive editor at (India), judging her second Best in Biz Awards International program. “It is nice to see companies taking such good care of their workforce. Companies that belonged to industries such as services and hospitality had a slight edge above others because of the nature of the business itself: service and hospitality industries have a great focus on customer satisfaction, and their customers can only be kept happy by happy employees.”

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